Custom Leather Crafts’ leashes are hand cut and hand assembled to insure high equipment quality.  These leashes are made from 10-ounce latigo leather.  This is a heavy “weather proof” and durable tannage that was initially produced for maritime applications.  Latigo leather softens with use and allows for many years of product life.

Our leashes are knotted at both clip and handle ends to provide longevity and durability.  Leather knotted back on itself permits the inherent, natural qualities of the material to work together to allow for stretch and breathe-ability.  Knots are preferable to stitching because the waxed nylon thread used for stitching has no “give” to it, and can easily tear out when the leather stretches.  The bridle knot, at the clip end of the leash, helps concentrate the weight of the leash at the collar.  This minimizes the perception of leash-weight for the dog.  This knot, originally designed for equestrian use, incorporates a wear pad in its construction to prevent the metal clip from braiding itself through the leather.  The bleeder knot at the handle end is smooth in the hand to permit easy leash manipulation.  Both knots are impossible to accidentally loosen, and are designed to actually tighten under stress.

There are some additional design features that make the Custom Leather Crafts leash one of the best leashes available on the market.  We add a “tack stitch” to the loose end of the bleeder knot.  This contributes to the smooth feel of the handle and is aesthetically preferable to having a loose tab of leather flapping around.  We also bevel the cut edges of our leashes.  This contributes to user comfort as well as appearance.